It seems that if you have a job (just over broke) you and your coworkers are working hard long hours.

The land of the free and the home of the brave, sure! However, as we approach Employee Appreciation Day, are employees really appreciated? Dedicated ones that get their jobs done on time, under any circumstances, people like you. It's a known fact we as Americans, work more hours than our European counterparts.

Wyoming has a strong work ethic and it shows once again, as Cheyenne, Wyoming lands at # 3, on the 2017 Hardest-Working Cities in America list.

The Capital City has been recognized on this list multiple years. Congratulations to all who face their work day with a sense of Cowboy Pride.

Some findings from the Wallethub study:

  1. Research shows that Americans work 25% more hours than their counterparts in Europe. Why do Americans work so much more?
  2. Does working more hours always translate into higher productivity? Does this vary by industry or job type?
  3. What is the ideal numbers of hours to work per week?
  4. In evaluating the hardest working cities, what are the top five indicators?
  5. What policies should governments and firms adopt to improve the quality of life of American workers?

As you will note in the map provided, Cheyenne consistently has a very high rate Labor Force Participation.


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