I always like finding different quirks about states when they pop up to see where Wyoming fits in. The website Zippia listed the weirdest names in all 50 states.  

Some good ones included: 

Booger Hollow, Arkansas, and I’d put money on it, they pronounce it as Holler. Yes, Booger, Holler. Not to be left out, Virginia has Booger Hole! What about Missouri? How about Number Eight? Was it the eighth town founded? Who knows?! My old Kentucky home has a town called Paint Lick.  

What about our neighboring states? Colorado has Fearnowville, Montana brings in Big Sag, Nebraska has Worms(I swear) and Idaho has Beer Bottle Crossing, which I can only imagine how that would work. Is it like a big redemption center town? Or do they have signs for Beer Bottle Crossing similar to that of deer? 

But, what about Wyoming? This article decided to pick on poor little Chugwater as the weirdest town name in our state. Have they not had Chugwater Chili or dip? Are we just going to act like Ten Sleep or Crowheart aren’t super weird names for a city or town? What about Jay Em? There were plenty of others that could have won the award.  

I’m not going to lie, I think it would be a really fun job to name a city, though, I’m not sure that the world is ready for Awesome Sauce Village. What do you think of the choice of Wyoming’s weirdest name? 

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