Fill in the blank: I was today years old when I learned _______.

Can we all be honest here for a second? Not one of us knows everything. It is impossible for any one person to know everything, unless you're Christ himself. Not even the greatest thinkers in our history had it all figured out. I believe this is why they remained curious throughout their lives.

As adults, we should be striving to learn knew things each and every day. Not only is it healthy and beneficial to our brains, but it's also fun. Don't ever feel foolish for not knowing something.

Even if it's considered common sense.

For instance, I saw this article about a TikTok user who recently discovered that toasters have crumb trays. Not only that, but those crumb trays need to be emptied other wise you could start a fire the next time you toss in you breakfast toast. That's not something you want when you haven't had your coffee.

She's also not the only one who didn't know this...

@amybails@zoealexanderuk This came on my #fyp at midnight so yes! I am not wearing a bra. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS???

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This got me thinking about things that I learned about as an adult. For instance, I never knew what "bottom of the hour" meant. Sure, I work in radio and always understood what the top of the hour was, but where would you find the bottom. As it turns out, the bottom is literally the bottom of the face of an analog clock. Therefore the bottom of the hour is the :30 mark... like 10:30 or 2:30, for example.

What is something that you recently learned? Perhaps it's common sense to others, but you just now had this knowledge bomb dropped on you. Most of this stuff they don't teach in school. There needs to be a "Common Sense: 101" class.

And don't be shy because I shared mine with you first.

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