We had some pretty nice claps of thunder yesterday afternoon in the Capitol City. Nothing too exciting, though, just the nice breeze and thunder in the background. Really, it was prime napping sounds. I like to use the sleep sounds on Amazon Prime when I go to bed and have rain sounds. Puts me out immediately. Anywho, here are the trending stories to get you caught up over the weekend, and ready to tell your work bestie.

Trending Locally

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month and a British website recently gave the top 15 National Parks in the world for your mental health. Yellowstone popped in at number 6 and only one of two from the US.

WYO 130 over the Snowy Range Pass is back open for business, or at least, summer business. Shout out to WYDOT for clearing up to 15-foot snow drifts so we can see one of the prettiest sights in Southeast Wyoming.

What's Wyoming's favorite streaming site? There are tons of choices these days, but I'm sure we'd all think it was Netflix or Disney+. Nope. We're team Amazon Prime, along with the rest of the country.

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Trending Nationally

Dwayne Johnson is full in on the DC Universe now, not only is he set to be Black Adam, he's also lined up to play Superman's Best Dog Friend, Krypto The Superdog in the upcoming animated League Of Super-Pets.

If the teasing that Metallica has been doing is true, and they go in line with rereleases that they've been doing in order of their old albums, they seem to be set to rerelease their icon self-titled album, known as the Black Album, sometime soon.

Henry Cavill is a mediocre Superman but might have better success at being the One because there can be only one. You know, Highlander. Cavill is in talks to be in the latest Highlander film.


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