One of the best parts about Wyoming is it feels like we’re kind of a state all of our own. Meaning, we’re not flashy, out there, beating our chest and getting credit like other states may. Because of that, there are some great benefits to living here(hello no state income tax). Zippia compiled a list of states with the best credit scores, how do you think Wyoming compared? 

They scored from worst to best, so coming in first, as you might expect, were southern states. Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia and Nevada topped the top 5 worst, with the deep south fairing worse, with, what I can only make wild guesses for Nevada(Vegas Baby). 

How did the states near us do? Colorado is doing well coming in 34th, Montana 37th, Nebraska 42nd, South Dakota 47th and Utah 28th. Remember, the higher the number, the better your state’s average credit score. 

So, how did Wyoming do? We came in the middle of the pack at 22nd. Wyoming has an average credit score of 678 and average credit debt of $6,245. So, not terrible, not great, just in the middle and hidden where we like to be. We don’t want anyone coming here after our hidden riches anyways. 

Zippia stated 

The average credit score in the United States hovers around 680. 

A credit score shy of 680 is considered fair, and means most Americans have reasonably decent credit. A good credit score is important because it secures loans and credit cards with reasonable interest rates. A poor credit score can leave necessary purchases out of reach, or trap consumers in a cycle of debt. 

So, we’re right in where we should be on average. Quiet and out of the spotlight, just how we like it.  

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