Welcome to 2021 where Uber Rides now go hand and hand with simultaneously ordering food from Doordash late, after a night out. What's Wyoming's Favorite Drunk Fast Food? Which, hey, is pretty responsible, right? When I was in college, we'd have one of our "dry" Fraternity Brother's pick us up from the University of Louisville institution called "The Granville Inn" and take us either to McDonald's or the Taco Bell/Pizza Hut(sorry, not pizza burrito) by campus. A lot has changed, even since the mid-00s. But, I digress.

The website Zippia did some leg work to figure out what each state's favorite drunk fast food was. I mean, this is pretty hard-hitting, so I'm intrigued. Here's how they figured it out.

When we set out to find each state’s favorite drunk fast food, we had to first determine two things:

1. The fast food everyone craves when drunk
2. Which fast food joints see the biggest influx of tipsy customers

The first was fairly simple. We simply took a list of popular fast food restaurants, nixing some that didn’t fit (Sorry Subway) and others with limited hours and thus limited time for late night drunken shenanigans (Chic-fil-a, for example.)

To determine the second, we had to get a bit more creative. We decided to measure google search trends on some of the “drunkest days of the year” (The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, Halloween, and July 4th.)

So taking a look around the Cowboy State, this is kind of interesting, Colorado and Utah are hitting up the Dollar Menu at McDonald's, Idaho is Team Jack In The Box and Montana loves Wendys. Those are pretty respectable drunk food locations, I'll agree. For what it's worth, Mcdonald's was the big fish in this study across America.

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What about us in Wyoming? Where do we need to get our drunk food feast from? Taco Bell. I blame my wife for this. I think they must be tracking her, but to be fair, she works evenings so a lot of those times, she's just hungry after work.

What do you think? Are we Taco Bell-loving people here in Wyoming? Especially after let's say 11 pm?

Via Zippia
Via Zippia


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