I've had friends debate with their spouses about this.

It's the holiday season. Time to bust out the lights, hand the stockings, and trim the _____ tree. I'll let you fill in the blank with either "live" or "artificial." Personally, I don't think there is a right way or a wrong way to go about this, but for some it's a matter of keeping old family traditions alive.

I've seen quite a few people on social media post photos of their lovely trees. All the ornaments are perfectly hung and the lights just glow. And quite frankly, I can't tell if the tree is real or fake in the photo and it seems a bit rude to ask. Now, for those who have had their trees up since the day after Halloween, I'm willing to be they are fake, fake, fakety-fake.

For those just now putting up their trees, there's a good chance they are real.

Despite not believing either way is the right way or the wrong way, I do fantasize about a real tree. I love the idea of gathering the family and heading out to the wilderness or the Christmas tree farm to find the perfect one. The kids shouting, "this one, this one!" It all feels like something out of a holiday movie. However, then I remember the scene for Christmas Vacation with the squirrel in the tree and I'm instantly brought back to reality. I also don't have any children.

For now I will be a fake tree kinda gal and I'm OK with that.

What about you? Do you have to have that perfect live tree? Or are your more comfortable knowing the perfect tree is stored away patiently awaiting its next chance to shine?

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