Chuck Geiger/Townsquare Media
Chuck Geiger/Townsquare Media

Helping folks move is a decision you have to live with. If you say yes, you have to do it.

I've been dealing with a lot of moves as of late. Moving from Alaska to Wyoming with professional movers--the only way to do long distance moves. I helped Reese, our awesome web manager, move when I first got here. Organization before the move is not helpful, it should be a mandate. Reese was prepare, so the move with crew and just pick-ups took only 90 minutes.

Yesterday I helped a friend of Steve and Teri's (from KING-FM and Cowboy Country) move. They had a great crew of young folks, parents, volunteers from the Church of Latter Day Saints. It took about 5 hours in Fort Collins.
One thing that burns my chaps is when you volunteer and the people you help move play supervisor. They, for health reasons, couldn't participate.

I sat down to eat some pizza lunch they provided and was told to bring in some drawers. I got up and went to the truck, and the volunteers had the drawers. Like Jerry Seinfeld said when Keith Hernandez asked him to move in "Seinfeld", he was reluctant:

KRAMER: What's going on?
JERRY: Keith Hernandez just asked me to help him move.
KRAMER: What? Well, you hardly know the guy…. What a nerve. You see wasn't I
right about this guy? Didn't I tell you? Now, you're not going to do it are you?
JERRY: … I said yes.
KRAMER: YOU SAID YES!? Don't you have any pride or self respect? I mean, how
can you prostitute yourself like this? I mean what are you going to do? You're going
to start driving him to the airport?
KRAMER: yeah yeah
JERRY: Hey, Kramer do me a favor .
JERRY: Don't mention it to anybody.
KRAMER: I wish you never mentioned it to ME.

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