So, I’m a fan of Bigfoot, I’m a believer and one day, I’ll get a hardy HA! And point in the naysayers faces when we see a real squatch poking around. Then, Bigfoot and I, or Harry as I’ll call him, will roll around the Cowboy State, enjoying nature and probably some craft beers.  Anyways, the real question, where do you think Bigfoot would hang out in Wyoming? 

Most would think he’d(or she’d, we’re not gender specific here) probably chill in Yellowstone or the Tetons.  That’s pretty fair, I mean, there are parts of both of those locations that we’ve surely never seen, right?  I mean, Louis and Clark may have, but we aren’t dying of dysentery Oregon Trails styles to find a squatch.   

So, what next?  What about Vedauwoo?  Could you imagine a squatch posted up on a rock up real high?  That’d be the perfect vantage point for him to make sure you don’t arbitrarily stumble across him trying to eat a burger or something that he Yogi Bear’ed from your campsite.   

What if Bigfoot has an urban flair and wants to live the college lifestyle in Laramie?  Honestly, as low key and laid back as Laramie is, you could probably walk into The Library and see him snacking on some pizza and no one would bat an eye.   

Ok, what if he’s wanting to live in the hustle and bustle of the city life in Cheyenne?  I think he could just stand like a statue at the Train Depot and everyone would think he was decoration.  Ya know, unless he forgot to show that day, squatches are well known to be kind of smelly, so that may out him.   

Honestly, I think I know the one place he’d be protected!  Kanye West’s compound. It’s a good enough escape for Kanye, so Bigfoot might be ok.  That may lead to a new job for the squatch as Kanye may just hire him as security for obvious reasons.  There you have it, we worked it out.  We even made a career path for him once he’d be out of the tabloids(though Kanye and a squatch together in a tabloid doesn’t seem that odd).  


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