Don't be alarmed by the term 'small cities'. Then again, maybe some make take pride in being recognized as one. Either way, if you're wondering where Cheyenne ranks among the top small cities in the country, then you've come to the right place.

WalletHub recently compiled a list of cities with populations ranging between 25,000 to 100,000 and based their overall ranking on several different aspects of livability. Based on the data compiled, Cheyenne ranking of a 61 percentile puts them in the top 39 percent of all small cities in the U.S. Not too shabby, we'll take it.

The study broke down several determining factors of livability into rankings such as the following:

  • Affordability Rank - 301st
  • Economic Health Rank - 421st
  • Education and Health Rank - 417th
  • Quality of Life Rank - 326th
  • Safety Rank - 953rd

While those numbers may not look the sexiest, just understand that more than 1,260 small cities were listed in the study. Let's just say we're glad we didn't wind up with the ranks of the last city on the list, which was Pine Bluff, AR. Yikes!

Laramie scored even better than Cheyenne overall at the 83rd percentile, which ranked them in the top 17 percent of small cities. They came in just 133rd in terms of 'Quality of Life'. Casper was right at the 50 percent mark and scored 268th in that same category.

So that's where Cheyenne stacks up with other small cities in the U.S. Not necessarily showing off, but not falling behind. We're doing just fine where we're at in comparison to hundreds of other small cities. I'll definitely take it.

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