With just 39 days of summer left, you’ll want to make the most of your time if you want some fresh fish to fry up.

The best fishing is through The Medicine Bow Mountains, where its starting feel like fall, especially in the early morning hours when it’s also the best time to toss your bait. While early and late are best, you should do well all day with some elevation. Look for a fair amount of company if you’ll be trying Lake Owen. Rob Roy should give up some dinner from the shore or boat.

One point of irritation could come from losing your lures in the moss at Pole Mountain, but if you still want to try it, the action should be worth it.

At the lower elevations, try to find some things to do during the mid-days and tease the trout early and late in the day. Try some pheasant tails on The North Platte Grey Reef and Encampment in the Saratoga Valley. The levels are dropping and slowing, making for some good fishing. Miracle Mile is a bit spotty but worth putting your waders on for.

If you rig crawlers and lures for depth, Glendo should give it up.

There’s the best fishing for now, so I wish you luck. Catch and cook, catch and release, even if you get skunked, you can’t go wrong spending time in the great outdoors of Wyoming.

Now check out this funny fishing fail video to show you how not to do it.