I'm sure by now this morning, you've noticed the cloud of smoke that's covering Southeast Wyoming. It's not the end of days looking smoke that we had a couple of years ago, but nonetheless, this isn't the type of thing any of us wanted to wake up to on a Monday. It stinks, you can't see outside of your general area and if you have allergies(my hand is raised for sure) you're probably not breathing the best.

I checked out the air quality map from fire.airnow.gov and you can see where the layer of smoke is covering Southeast Wyoming and most of Colorado. While we've gotten a lot of smoke coverage from Colorado and Utah in the past, it's looking like Arizona and New Mexico are the culprits for today's smoky sky.

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Take a look at the screen grab from the government agency. I circled where the fires look to be coming from so you can get an idea, or you can click the link I shared above and zoom in if you'd like. It honestly looks like it's worse east of us. So, maybe we're lucky. At least, the smoke coverage map shows a darker shade once you get to the Dakotas and Nebraska.


Let's hope that we can get some more rain to temper the number of forest fires that occur in our part of the country. It's looking like we have a good chance coming up this week to soak things down a bit in our neck of the woods, at least.

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