Watch out for bears in Wyoming. They are the animal that will most likely kill you, according to

In 2018, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) complied enough data to let residents know which animals to avoid in their state. These animals are either the most dangerous in that state or one to most likely kill you, for instance causing a car accident. Oddly enough, dogs and bees are the most popular animals to avoid aside from large mammals.

Just to let you know there are not many animals causing death, some states actually have so few animal-related deaths that they didn't even have enough data.

We do hear and see a lot of animal encounters with people in Wyoming. Surprisingly, the death toll for animals killing people is very low. Wyoming was actually one of the states that didn't have enough data. The CDC concluded that with there being five deaths related to bears in the past 10 years that bears are the animal to most likely kill you in Wyoming.

The most interesting animal to avoid in the United States was a tiger in Oklahoma. Evidently, Oklahoma is home to many exotic animals because residents have them as pets. Obviously, tigers have to stay locked up. But sometimes due to weather or faulty equipment the tigers get out and they aren't happy.

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