My first immediate thought: Bison. Especially in Yellowstone and especially during Touron Season. Remember, Wyoming is NOT a petting zoo! Ranker recently put together a list detailing the most likely animal in each state to kill you, and surprisingly, the American Bison was not the choice for the Cowboy State.

Our neighbors to the south have Cougars listed as their most deadly animal, which is not all that surprising considering the multitude of reports we get for cougar attacks every year (and I'm not just talking about Denver Housewives...)

South Dakota has an interesting entry: Theirs simply says "Large Mammals." Alas, this appears to be where the Bison landed on the list. "And there are plenty to choose from: elk, coyotes, badgers, deer, and even porcupines. But the largest and easily the most dangerous is the American Bison," says the article.

Finally, the Cowboy State. Can you guess which animal it is? I'll wait.



Bears. No beets, no Battlestar Gallactica, just Bears. Despite the small population, there have been five fatal bear attacks in the last 10 years. Bear spray can be found in just about every store near the mountains. However, we've got our tough Wyomingites who have literally killed bears with their bare hands though so... who is really the most dangerous animal?

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