LARAMIE -- July 1 marked the first day NCAA athletes could profit off their names, images and likeness.

By now I'm sure you know about Fresno State's Cavinder twins. Not only are those two -- Hanna and Haley -- really good at basketball, they have also been entertaining mass audiences on their social media accounts for years. Boost Mobile took notice. The Cavinder twins are the two newest spokeswomen for the wireless carrier.

Then this happened:

Wyoming football players, though a tad more lowkey than having a billboard in New York's Time Square, have also began taking advantage of this new opportunity. This is what we know of so far:

* Cowboy quarterback Sean Chambers tweeted a teaser out on July 1, implying that he is starting something called "SC2."

"With the new found challenges of the NIL, I will continue to lead with this opportunity in staying in line with my core values, honoring my university and serving my teammates and the communities I represent," Chambers wrote. "This isn't for me as it represents something greater than me! It represents those who've come before me and those who will come after me. These are exciting times for us athletes, the focus remains the same and business is still business between the lines ... With that being said, SC2 is on the way soon!"

What that means exactly is still unclear, though Chambers is putting on a camp for quarterbacks July 31 in his hometown Kerman, Calif. The "QB1 competition" is slated for three sessions and costs range from $40 to $50. Want to sign up? Go HERE.

* Wyoming sophomore running back Titus Swen's Twitter account bio says this: "CEO @incllr." That stands for Live Life Regardless. That is a clothing line, which appears to feature t-shirts and sweatshirts with the brand "LLR." The website is currently under construction.

* Cowboy safety Rome Weber is also doing the apparel thing, launching Divergent Individual or DI for short. You can find his gear right HERE.

Weber is selling hats, jackets, t-shirts, pants and accessories like phone cases. DI is also making gear for youth and women.

"Divergent Individual is a brand inspired by being unique and expressing your personal creativity," the website states. "In today’s society, similarities are normalized but being different and unique is something that should always be encouraged and supported. What sets this brand atop is the fact that we sell premium quality clothing at the best price out! We aspire to give you the best experience you can possibility have and set the goal of great customer service as a priority."


* Will update when/ if more UW athletes share their new ventures

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