New Whitesnake bassist Tanya O’Callaghan said the band was in discussions about recording an album once its upcoming farewell tour is over.

Bandleader David Coverdale previously stated that the next road trip would be his last, but that he had no intention of giving up music entirely.

In a recent interview with VWMusic, O’Callaghan was asked if she was expecting to record with the band she joined in November. “Yeah, hopefully,” she said. “There’s talk of it already. It’s one of the questions. We’ll probably keep recording. …  It’s just touring that David is done and set with. ... I don’t think he can ever stop writing music. He’s a song machine, obviously – he’s an incredible songwriter. So, here’s hoping there are loads and loads of albums in the making over the next several years or so. I’d be honored to be involved.”

Perhaps surprisingly, she said that joining Whitesnake at the end of the group’s live career was "actually the best part of it." "It’s gonna be probably two years to do everything, but it’s extra special," she explained. "I think it’s just going to be magical in terms of energy. … I think it’s super-special. It’s not just a tour, it’s the Farewell Tour!”

O’Callaghan noted that, as fate would have it, she knew all the band’s previous bassists. “They’re all my bass brothers,” she said. "Everybody has been so incredibly supportive to me – Neil Murray, Rudy Sarzo, Marco Mendoza and Michael Devin, who just left, is a good friend of mine. … The support that came from them meant more than anything, and everyone’s like, ‘Just go and be you.’

“David likes that. He brings in the players he wants for a reason. … I think that’s beautiful. There’s space to be yourself, but the fact that all my bass brothers of the past have been so supportive is the best.”

The tour begins in Ireland in May, with dates across the U.K. and Europe announced through July. More shows will be lined up soon.

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