I'm sure you saw from Thursday, throughout the weekend about Peyton Manning getting inducted into the NFL's Hall of Fame last week. It's very well deserving if you're a fan of the man with the wobbly, albeit, very accurate pass or not. But the real question is, who gets to claim this first-ballot Hall of Famer? Denver, the last team he played for, or Indianapolis, the team he played most of his career for.

I'm sure Colt's fans are thinking "he's always a Colt, he carried most of his records here". That's fair. I'm not saying he didn't have it when he finally made his way to the Mountain West, but we can agree he was at his best in Indy. Don't hate me. I don't have to be a nerd and pull out the stats and show it, though, he did have some really unbelievable years in Denver.

What about this, he won two Super Bowls, one in Denver and one in Indy. Which one do you think he cares more about? His first one or the one he got at the end of his career. He was able to walk away like a cowboy into the sunset.

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The main argument that I have in this debate would actually be in the favor of Denver. If I were Peyton, I would love the city that accepted me after neck surgery. Let's not forget that the Colts kicked him to the curb in favor of a player that's not even in the league anymore. Ouch. I went there. I think this argument has more weight than stats. The Colts weren't loyal to him, so why would he want to be loyal to someone who wasn't loyal to him?

Peyton Manning, Hall Of Famer, Bronco for life.

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