In case you missed it, there was a streaker at the Colorado Rockies' Friday night home game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Granted, it was a cat, and they don't usually wear clothes anyway. But, social media was quick to give 'Coors Field Cat' online fame. 

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Last week, we learned that Coors Field is one of the most lightning-prone stadiums in the United States, but the odds of a cat running through a game? According to the MLB, it's happened like, 80 times.

Who is Coors Field Cat? We don't know a lot, Coors Field Cat is pretty mysterious and elusive (literally), but here's the rundown:

It was opening week of the 2021 season in Denver, with just over 21,000 fans (that's 42 percent capacity), plus one cat. 


No one knows where the cat came from, but there are some online theories.

Team staff members ran out to get the Coors Field Cat, and someone please give this woman a raise. We guarantee this is not in her job description. 


Don't worry, everyone is reportedly fine. 


So what became of this cat after staff interception? According to the Colorado Rockies, it um, escaped... again. 

Keep your eyes out for the cat crasher at future games. Kyle Clark sums it up purr-fectly. 

The Dodgers beat the Rockies that night 11-6, so it wasn't a great game for the Colorado team, but at least this happened. 

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