We all go through some things in life and there are always different ways that each of us choose to cope with those things. Sometimes that means writing out our thoughts and feelings. Perhaps that is what the Colorado Rockies Scoreboard Operator was doing when he wrote a long message on the subject of heartbreak that was visible for everyone at Coors Field to see.

The popular social media presence Jomboy Media tweeted out a still pic of the message on the large scoreboard at Coors Field. On Twitter, after seeing the message in question posted at Coors Field, he made a solid and timely tweet that was pretty much what we are all thinking after seeing it.

The message reads:

Life Pro Tip: Don't put up with anyone who is reckless with your heart. Life will be dramatically better if you don't pay mind to any heartbreaker. Unless it's the Pat Benatar. Or the Mariah Carey song. Or the Led Zeppelin song. So to sum up: Song Form Heartbreaker = OK. Real-life Heartbreaker = Tell 'em to scram.

While that is sound advice and suggests some solid tunes, we do hope that everything is going as well as it can for the Colorado Rockies Scoreboard Operator. If that's the case, Scoreboard Operator, heartbreak is tough, we're all behind you!

Of course, given the message, maybe that person is just actually trying to give their best words of wisdom with some dry humor while also suggesting a few well known tunes that deal with the subject of heartbreak.

That being said, Congrats to the aforementioned Pat Benatar for being named today (May 4th) as a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee! Of course, Led Zeppelin has been in the R&R HOF since 1995. As for Mariah Carey, better luck next year!

But in case there is anyone that needs to hear any of those tracks listed in the Rockies scoreboard message, then enjoy...

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