It’s the beginning of the end of the football season. The Senior Bowl has come and gone and former Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen played well enough to be named Most Outstanding Player after a solid performance that included two touchdown passes. That’s the cap for college football this season as the players in that game hope to get picked to play on a solid team in the NFL.

There was no NFL last weekend as everyone puts their focus on two northeast teams in Super Bowl LII this Sunday. Everyone? Well, maybe not everyone. After arguably the worst season in some time and the political distancing over kneeling during our National Anthem, disrespecting our military, wearing socks with police portrayed as pigs, and more politics being dragged into our entertainment and ruining the whole experience, they chased off many fans.

Now comes the end of the season and a game that involves only the northeast portion of our country. Las Vegas oddsmakers favor The Patriots, but who will most fans cheer for? Let's look at some data.

It’s no surprise that most of us will be rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles to win this year’s Super Bowl, but according to The, it’s more of us than we think, in fact, a Twitter map shows that nearly EVERY state in the US is rooting for the Eagles, including Wyoming!

Geodata collected Twitter data which showed that immediately after the smackdowns between the New England Patriots and Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Eagles vs. the Minnesota Vikings, the NUMBER ONE pic among NFL football fans is none other than the Philadelphia Eagles.

However, there are a few New England states that are staying true to Tom Brady and the Patriots, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and North Dakota…NORTH DAKOTA?  OK, obviously not a New England state, but for some reason, they’re giving their loyalty to the Pat’s.   Vermont which is in the New England cluster has decided to go from blue to green this year. See a surprising map.

According to The, this Twitter data came from NFL fans on where many fans do online betting.

Wyoming for Super Bowl Sunday? Color us green, rooting for the Eagles.

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