This is huge news for Cheyenne's West Edge and for the Cheyenne Food Truck community. The Old Cheyenne Elevator is about to undergo some huge changes that will make the Cheyenne landmark a restaurant staple in the West Edge of the city.

Grain elevators and silos have started to become repurposed in cities across America, and it's looking like Cheyenne's turn is coming next. I'm sure a lot of us have been to the former Old Colorado Brewing Company taproom that was in an old grain elevator. It was a cool experience until they moved out of the location.

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According to The Old Cheyenne Elevator's Facebook page, they're looking to make some changes to the old building and make it a hub for food trucks. The really cool part is they're looking to add bar service inside the elevator and making it a dining space. This is a really cool concept and can lead to more food trucks coming into the Cheyenne area with a place to park. That could lead to more upscale food trucks, as well!

Date night will never be the same. Though they don't have a target date for this to start, now is the time to get excited. They drew a piece of concept art for what they plan on making the inside look like with all the updates and new dining experiences.

That is really cool! I'm a fan already. I'm looking forward to getting food from my favorite food truck and grabbing a drink while looking over the railroad corridor. This is going to be great!

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