It only took 2 trucks jam packed with all of our “crap” and 6 movers (this time around, not to mention the gaggle of people who initially moved our "crap" out of our house in Colorado, and into a storage unit,) to move it all, but we finally got settled into our home in our new city and state that we’re so proud to finally be a part of, Cheyenne, Wyoming!  However, this move really educated me about my 7 year relationship and 4 year marriage to my wonderful husband...we're both pack rats!

It’s amazing how much we’ve accumulated over the years, and we didn’t even get time to really go through all of the things that should’ve ended up in the trash long ago, so we ended up moving it with us.  But I really want to put my foot down because we need to get rid of all of this “unused crap.”   Now I have to admit, there are a few things that we hauled along the way that I can’t seem to let go of, and my husband is guilty of hanging on to all sorts of gadgets and wire connectors that haven’t seen the light of day since they were put in a box, which was so long ago, the box was completely covered in cobwebs when we moved it this time around!

Even through we’re both guilty of hanging onto things that we haven’t even thought of for years, we both tend to point our fingers at each other and say those loving words…”you’re a pack rat!”

Who is the pack rat in your relationship, you or your significant other, and how do you get that pack rat to finally throw something away?