The left coast has it’s own roll when it comes to politics and lifestyle. Some can enjoy it, some can tolerate it and others just want to leave it behind, like Metallica’s founding member, guitarist and singer James Hetfield, who just moved his family next door in Colorado.

James told Joe Rogan he was tired of an intolerant elitist attitude in San Francisco, where he didn’t fit into the hive mind that rejected his political views and lifestyle choices. “They talk about how diverse they are and its fine if you are diverse like them, but showing up with a deer on the bumper doesn’t fly in Marin County.”

“In the bay area, there’s an elitist attitude that if you aren’t their way politically or environmentally, you are looked down upon.” He loved the bay area but not the attitude that goes with it.

So James brought his wife and kids to Vail, Colorado for the nature, hunting and that his wife grew up there after arriving to the US from Argentina.

"Whether it’s planting my own vegetables, having our own bee hives, getting our own honey, harvesting my own meat on the ranch, that’s what I love doing. I love sustaining my family as organically as possible. I want to be close to the earth."

Welcome to the Rocky Mountain West James Hetfield and family. You’re welcome up in Wyoming anytime.

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