Brace yourself, and get ready for the ten reasons why Wyoming is the absolute worst.

At least, that's what the "Mad 10" YouTube account is trying to persuade it's viewers. We're not sure why Mad 10 decided to target Wyoming, but we do know that frankly, their arguments are kind of... well, dumb.

Let's break down some of their arguments...

  • All you see on the road are cattle and elk

First of all, cattle = money, and elk are beautiful. Second of all, there's way more deer and antelope than elk. And finally, were they too excited by cows to miss all of our mountains, roaring rivers, and rolling hills?

  • It didn't have many celebrities born there

How is this even on the criteria of what makes a state great?

  • It is the least populated

That's a big plus for us. No lines, less crime, plenty of room for all of us. These guys can go back to whatever densely populated state they're from.

  • Bad weather

We know, and we like that we're tougher than you.

  • Very small cities

I guess they don't like community oriented towns where everyone is important and takes care of each other.

  • The people are mostly cowboys

So? What's wrong with cowboys? Also, most of Wyomingites aren't actually cowboys.

Bonus gripe: if they went to the trouble of creating a slide show about why they think Wyoming is the worst, why couldn't they find a single picture of Wyoming?


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