Cheers! Today is National Beer Day! I know if you look at a calendar, there are days every day, like, National Pizza Day, National Bring Your Chiweenie To Work Day or Punt A Football Day, ok, I don't know if the last two are real, but you get the idea. National Beer Day is a legit day! It's very important for our heritage as Americans and Wyomingites. Beer is as American as it gets, even though it may not have been created here, we enjoy it just the same.

Taking it back to the 18th Amendment, the government was all like, "nah, fam, you can't have booze anymore. It's not moral and makes your eyeballs fall out and gassy. You can't drink this stuff anymore." That's kind of paraphrased, but you get the idea. So, that happened in 1919. Right before life was free and easy and awesome in the Roaring 20s and people didn't care and drank anyways in speakeasys.

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So, life pretty much sucked from 1919, until our boy, FDR came in in 1933 and was like, whoa, my family has been drinking illegally like most rich people for 14 years, why don't we just bring it back and tax people? Bean counter's rejoiced, along with everyone that wanted a drink. FDR signed the Cullen-Harrison Act on March 22nd, 1933. April 7th 1933, the marks the day that this act was enacted. This lead to the 21st Amendment that repealed the fuddy duddy 18th Amendment. FDR was all like, party on, Wayne, let's have a beer(kind of).

So, how does this tie into Wyoming? Well, we're Cowboys! Our history is filled with saloons and watering holes for rail workers, rough necks and, again, COWBOYS. If there was a state ever that needed to celebrate this history, it would be the Cowboy State, we not only love our beer, we love to brew it here! We have somewhere around 30 breweries across a state of like, half a million people.

So, from Cheyenne to Rock Springs, from Casper to Sheridan, from Laramie to Lander, let's all raise a glass to FDR and that crazy group of politicians that just wanted a damn beer.


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