Last season, NFL players and some team owners created a polarizing situation when some players chose to kneel during our national anthem to protest social injustice.

Some owners allowed their players to kneel, while others took a stand to ensure their teams paid proper respect.

This polarized the nation, some owners and fans siding with the players and their right to protest social injustice and bring awareness into the spotlight. While others were in total disgust of the players protests, feeling that they showed a lack of respect for the anthem and our flag as well as to all those who fought to protect it and the freedoms they represent.

Many outraged fans took to social media to voice their opinions, many event signaled the end of their support for players and their favorite teams going as far as to say they'd never watch another NFL game ever again.

But with the announcement from the NFL's commissioners office today, which issued a statement that there will be new rules surrounding the national anthem at all 32 stadiums this fall. Where do these fans stand on these changes?

The short version is that all NFL personnel and players will stand for the anthem, if they are on the field.  But players not willing to stand during the anthem or wishing to skip the anthem, can choose to stay in the locker room or out of sight until the anthem is over.

We want to know, where do you stand?  Do you like the new rules being implemented by the NFL surrounding the national anthem?  Or is it to little, to late for you?

Take our poll and let us know your thoughts.


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