This past Sunday, we saw a couple of amazing things. Dome of us saw the AFC Championship game that put the Denver Broncos into the Superbowl after defeating the New England Patriots.

Then there was the NFC game, where not only did the Seahawks became Superbowl bound after winning over the 49ers (and Seahawks' cornerback Richard Sherman psycho over San Francisco's Michael Crabtree), but rocker Ann Wilson from the rock group Heart belted out the National Anthem.

But was it any good?

After she gave it her all, many took to Twitter to express their feelings about her performance... and some of those feelings were not too polite.  One tweet said Ann sounded like she was passing a kidney stone. Another said she completely butchered the National Anthem. Others said that Ann "rocked it, and that she was still a rock pioneer.

In case you missed her performance last Sunday, check it out here and see what you think. Do you love it or downright hate it?

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