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The Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service says southeast Wyoming and the Nebraska Panhandle can expect a return to winter weather on Friday and Saturday.

The agency posted this statement on its website:

''A pacific storm system is expected to bring widespread snow and freezing drizzle/fog to the plains Friday and Saturday. Heres what you need to know. Confidence for this event is medium. That means we have a pretty good idea of where the most snow will be but are waiting on a bit more info. Exact details are still a little fuzzy but the most snow is expected in the eastern panhandle. Some enhanced snow may develop near and south of Cheyenne along the Cheyenne Ridge. The good news is that bitter cold temperatures and strong winds are not expected. Snow will be wet and less likely to blow around. There will likely be periods of freezing fog and drizzle to start early Friday so be aware if you plan to travel."

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