Congresswoman Cheney has her fair share of supporters and detractors, so when police reported that a 'witchcraft book' in suspicious packaging was sent to Cheney's Riverton office, you'd be forgiven for not knowing from which side it came.

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Clair McFarland with Cowboy State Daily reported on Tuesday that an employee of the Congresswoman's Riverton branch received a package on June 30 that was addressed to Cheney.

Originally, the employee (whose name was redacted from the report) didn't think much of the package, even going so far as to storing it in her car. But then, upon further noticing, she saw a strange message written on the outside of it.

"Pelosi/Cheney 2024 'To win a sword fight you must not care if you live or die,'" the message read. "A Special 4th of July Surprise. Pitcher Get Ready, Batter up. Not Guts [sic] No Glory AOC!"

Upon reading the message, the employee took the package to the Riverton Police Department. Businesses in the surrounding area were evacuated.

Riverton Police Chief told County 10 that the department was "just wanting to make sure there is not an explosive device in the package."

"The Lander bomb dogs were brought in and did not alert at the package=," County 10 reported. "They opened the package and what looked like a book was inside, according to the County 10 reporter on the scene."

CSD reported that an agent from the Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation removed the package from the car in front of the station. DCI agents opened the package and found two books, as well as a newspaper article and multiple handwritten letters.

The books in question were 'The Good Kings: Absolute Power in Ancient Egypt and the Modern World,' by Dara Cooney and 'A Deed Without a Name: Unearthing the Legacy of Traditional Witchcraft,' by Lee Morgan.

The newspaper came from Montana, which was where the gift giver was from. Wyoming State Daily wrote that in the report given by Riverton Police, Montana law enforcement called the man 'crazy.' but stated that none of his threats were ever actually fallen through on.

“(Law enforcement) advised that (redacted) was ‘crazy’ and had a history of sending threatening mail and making threatening calls,” the report said, according to CSD.

It's important to note that 'Crazy' is not an actual medical diagnosis. 

In addition to the books and newspaper, there were also several letters, one of which, according to Cowboy State Daily, included this line:

“Remember when Ready Genisis (sic) Chapter 19 That in Roman Times Salt was worth its weight in Gold."

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