Drunk Shopping

If you think about it, drunk shopping is a relatively new problem. It's far easier to get drunk and head on over to Amazon than to get drunk and navigate your way around the mall. (With a sober friend driving, of course.)

Even with a couple of beers or a glass of wine inhibitions can be lowered just enough that you press the "checkout" button when you may have otherwise thought better. I mean, who really needs a Funko Pop of the "No soup for you!" guy from Seinfeld? (Oh wait, that's me.)


While drunk shopping on Amazon, Target, or Crocs could certainly end up in a surprise at your door, some go for the less conventional. Like the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Vanity Plates

Everyone loves a good vanity plate, especially in Maine. Oftentimes there's a significant amount of thought behind the plate. Other times it's just for the funny or shock factor. For Jamie Clark, @jamielynn_can on TikTok, her White Claw-fueled shopping resulted in ordering a vanity plate in honor of her favorite TV show, Schitt's Creek.

"Ew, David"

After 22 hours of the video being on TikTok, Jamie amassed 1.2 million views on the plate reveal. In the TikTok, she notes that she has zero regrets in getting the plate.

In a follow-up video, her only regret is her dirty car. (It's ok, sis. It's January. It would be dirty before you returned from the carwash anyway.)

For those unfamiliar with the award-winning series, it follows the once-wealthy Rose family as they adjust to being broke. Alexis, played by Annie Murphy coined the phrase, "Ew, David" which took off despite only being said three times during the series run, according to Scary Mommy.

Jamie is not the only Mainer with an "Ew, David" vanity plate but if you see her around the Bangor area give her a wave, and congrats on the 15 minutes of fame!

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