We're not even a week into 2022, but as festive as everyone gets to enter the New Year, you know that everyone celebrating had their beverage of choice ready for the ball to drop. So in Wyoming, what beverage did you have? Beer? Whiskey? Champagne maybe? What about an excellent wine?

There's something about wine that makes it seems like the most chill of all the alcoholic beverages. You always hear someone talking about how they'll go home from work and relax with a 'nice glass of wine'. You also hear that on a lot of TV shows. So what is the wine of choice in the Cowboy State?

A recent study by The Waycroft (sounds classy) used Google Trends and came up with results showing that throughout the country, the most searched wines in all of America were Moscato, Pinot Grigio, and Riesling. It's not that much of a surprise to see Pinot and Riesling as the most preferred given their sweet taste, not to mention the fact that they go well with just about any sort of dinner setting. A total of 22 states picked those top three choices.

However, Wyoming was a little original in its pick for most popular wine. It was shocking to see that no other state in the nation picked this popular wine either. The most popular wine in Wyoming is Chardonnay. That seems like a pretty classy pick, just so long as we don't find a black fly in it. That would be 'Ironic' as a particular Alanis Morissette song would point out. But yes, Wyoming was the only state to pick Chardonnay for its favorite wine.

For the West region of the country, in general, Sherry seemed to be the most popular wine as it was a favorite of Colorado, Idaho, and New Mexico.

Regardless of what your wine of choice is, depending on what the occasion is for a glass, or bottle, you really can't go wrong, as long as your of age and drinking responsibly of course. Enjoy your wine, Wyoming!

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