Here in the Cowboy State, we love good whiskey and craft beer. When it comes to wine, however, we like it red, we like it cheap...and we drink it straight from the box.

Every year, the Wyoming Department of Revenue Liquor Division records the sale of spirits and wine. And every year, boxed wine ranks among the most popular in the state.

In 2012, the five liter box of Franzia Red was Wyoming's biggest seller. In fact, eight of the ten top brands were sold in boxes.

In 2013, both Franzia Red and Black Box cabernet sauvignon were among the five most favored brands.

In 2014, Franzia in a box was the top seller once again. Bota Box and Black Box ranked second and third, respectively.

So why do Wyoming wine drinkers prefer the cheap stuff? Perhaps we like a good bargain. Or maybe it's because we drink it five liters at a time.

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