I mean, it can always be Wine O'clock, but that's not really what we're asking. Also, should it be Wine-oming? I should trademark that. Anywho. The website Zippia did some research on how much each state likes wine. Here's how they figured it out.

To determine how much wine each state consumes, we took the gallons of table wine drank in each state according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. From there, we converted gallons into bottles, since that is the more standard purchase of wine. Roughly 1 gallon = 5 bottles of wine.

However, since some states are home to a lot of people and others a lot less, we then took into account the number of bottles consumed per capita. Of course, this number includes some non-drinkers and children (which are hopefully are non-drinkers…). Which means some in the state are drinking more and others drinking less.

Our numbers on winery jobs comes from the BLS

Finally, to find out each state’s preferred wine, we used google search trends. We only looked at search volume for specific types of wine– sorry ambiguous fans of “white wine.”

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So, how popular is wine around the Cowboy State? Colorado comes in at #16, which is surprising, they tend to rank higher on every study, no matter the context, Idaho really, really, loves wine, coming in at #1, Montana came in at #17 and Nebraska is not a fan, rolling in at #45. Kind of hot and cold in the region.

What about the Cowboy State? It looks like we'll drink it if offered, but not really a fan. We came in at #34. They also listed our favorite wine, if you're interested. Pinot Noir is what all the Cowboys are drinking. I can dig it. We're one of only 4 states to go that route.

Via Zippia
Via Zippia

What do you think? Are we Wine-oming or nah?


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