March 13th is World Sleep Day. Why have I not been told about this holiday? I mean, it's a darn good one.

This day is actually billed as a "call to action." I'm not kidding.

This event was created and is hosted by the World Sleep Society.

First, who thought we needed a World Sleep Society? Second, while it is find for them to create the day, just how do they plan to "host" it? What does the World Sleep Society do at their meetings? Lots of yawning and napping going on?

This group is actually planning events world wide. You can visit their website to learn more.

Planning what events? Are we going to have massive nap inns? BYOP - Bring Your Own Pillow?

But I'm being critical. Let's look at the advantages to World Sleep Day. Imagine one solid day of no war, no crime. Just a quiet planet where we are save and cozy for a few hours (unless a bunch of us get woken by all those damn snorers, then it's on again).

Still, this is a holiday that I think anyone can get behind. I've already made my plans to celebrate. I've cleaned some sheets to give myself a fresh bed, and planned a long nap. Hope you will join me. But maybe not in person. I mean, join me in spirit.

See you in our dreams.

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