You wouldn't have to worry about them being too loud...

We're seeing more and more of the nation open up as the weeks go on. Although each state has a different timeline, eventually we will see all restaurants open again with indoor dining. For those that already have, it's a bit... empty. I don't mind an empty restaurant because I don't like to shout at my family and friends with a full mouth. However, some restaurants are doing what they can to make their dining rooms feel less like a ghost town while still adhering to social distancing guidelines.


Yep. The same shiny, plastic people that make us buy clothes we probably don't need are now infiltrating our favorite restaurants. At least that's true for one Michelin-star restaurant in Virginia. On May 29, the Inn at Little Washington will enlist mannequins to make their restaurant feel full and cozy, despite the 50 percent guest capacity cap. It looks exactly like you think it would... creepy.

And yes, there is a mannequin proposal happening in the photo above.

Now, as someone who has accidentally bumped into a mannequin at a store and almost said "excuse me", I can see how this could work. The less you stare at them, the more normal it feels. However, if you've ever been in a museum that is filled with mannequins, it can start to feel like you are the one who is being ogled at.

It obviously begs two questions.

The first is, did they get this idea from the 1980's movie, Mannequin?

The second question is, would you be OK sharing a restaurant with these silent diners? The idea of other "bodies" could alleviate some of the weirdness that this pandemic has brought on. Of course, it could also take those oddities and spiral them out of control.

Bonus question for you... Would it be better if the mannequins were dressed in clothes from this century?

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