Put a token in the machine and whatever design drops down is your next tattoo. Are you in?

Getting a tattoo (typically)  is a decision entered into with some thought. This will be with you for your life, unless you decide to cover it up or go through the painful process of removing it. Many think long and hard about tattoos or spend time drawing them up themselves. And no, it's not lost on me that some people get a tattoo on a whim after a long night out.

But leaving the design up to chance?

That's what Elm Street Tattoo in Deep Ellum, Texas is offering. For the daredevils out there, you can have a simple toy dispenser determine what your next ink will be. According to CBS DFW, the shop calls it "Get What You Get." I'm getting nervous just thinking about being in that situation.

For those willing to give it a shot, you just walk in and throw $100 on the counter. Typically the work would cost about $200-$300, so you're already getting a deal. You will be given a token to put into the dispenser. It's like an old candy/toy dispenser. Turn the knob and see which little plastic globe drops. Inside that pod is your tattoo design.

Now, you could walk at this point, but don't ask for your money back.

I guess I'm looking at this the wrong way. Tattoos tell stories about our life, experiences, hopes, aspirations, loves, etc. This certainly is a story to tell! So. Would you do it?

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