A lot of people from Cheyenne and Wyoming shop for goods and services south of the border, but is that smart in all cases?

Legalized marijuana has been an economic boom to Colorado, but at what cost? Let’s focus on getting high and work. A recent survey says almost half (48 percent) of Colorado workers have been high at work. 39 percent do it once per week and 39 percent feel they can safely drive two hours after smoking. CDOT says it’s 55 percent.

“It’s almost as if work sucks less when you’re high.”

Many smokers believe they do their jobs better when high.

Not everyone gets high in Colorado. Other studies say only 13 to 17 percent of Coloradoans smoke marijuana, but do you wonder how safe you are when getting your brakes done by someone who has sparked up? What about those that are installing an elevator, doing your taxes, your bloodwork, or figuring out the amount of anesthesia to use for your surgery?

And what about that driver coming toward you? Just askin’.

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