Look up to Bomber Mountain Wyoming at just the right time of day with just the right sky conditions and you might see a glint of something metal shining back at you.

What you are seeing is the Bomber Mountain Wreckage from a 1943 plane crash in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming.

The pilot was just 24 years old on June 28, 1943. His name was Billy Ronaghan. He crashed into the side of Bomber Mountain, elevation 12,841-feet in the Bighorn National Forest in Wyoming. Bill had joined the Army Air Corps right after the attack on Pearl Harbor. His first flight assignment took him to Wyoming.

He was flying a B-17 Flying Fortress. The wreckage still remains on top of the mountain. There is a marker where Billy Ronaghan and nine other young men died.

A group of young hikers found some of the wreckage, at about13:50 into the video above.

This post is written to keep the memory alive of those who gave all in service to their country.

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