WYDOT knows of what it speaks when it comes to travel advisories. Never was this more apparent than on Sunday when, in the midst of what some Wyoming-ites are calling a "Snowpocalypse," a WYDOT plow truck got 'sucked' right off the road.

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According to a social media post from WYDOT, Sand Draw Road, southeast of Riverton, was closed on Sunday due to winter weather conditions causing a plow truck to be pulled off of the road. Near the bottom of Beaver Rim, by mile marker 21.4, "The deep snow sucked the WYDOT plow truck off the right side of WY135, and the truck and driver were stuck from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m."

The entire road was "a mess," according to the post, and it was nearly impossible to see into the distance, given the snow and 40-plus mph winds. Drifts were encountered that were up to 10-feet-deep, and the driver of the plow was stranded for more than 6 hours.


Eventually, though, another plow truck and its driver were able to rescue the misbegotten driver and bring him home.

This story could have ended tragically, which just goes to show how important proper precautions are when it comes to traveling in this storm. The biggest precaution, most would agree, would be to just stay home. If it can happen to an actual snow plow, it can certainly happen to anybody.


Sand Draw Road, southeast of Riverton, was closed for a reason Sunday (and it still is closed). This happened near the...

Posted by WYDOT District 5-Northwest Wyoming on Monday, March 15, 2021

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