“If it’s on the internet, it has to be true.” - Abraham Lincoln


There are some observations on Wyoming that some will believe and most will take with a grain of salt. Regardless, here’s some of what web surfers will find when they Google The Cowboy State and direct to Urban Dictionary.

1)where you can actually see the stars at night
2)Find real cowboys
3)where only a few kids ride their horses to school
4)having the phone is a luxury
5)where if you stand on the side of the highway with your hood up and someone stops to help you
6)where the cows make up half the population
7)everyone owns more than 40 pairs of long johns
8)100 is too hot 30 is normal and 20 below is cold
8)people actually wave
10)places are considered cities when the pop. is over 500

Where men are men, women are scarce, and the sheep are nervous.

"Where do you live?"
"I'm sorry"

The coolest state ever, where people can walk to stores and other places without being kid napped.
People don't care what music you listen to but the most comonly listened to is rap, hip hop, Heavy metal, and country.

There are really harsh terrible winters and the summer is really hot. Its always windy and its somtimes to windy, but tornados arn't really a problem.
The elavation is more than most populations.
There are a ton of people in Wyoming despite what people say.
There are a ton of horses and cows.
Cowboys are half the population.
Its basicly the best place to live ever ever ever.

A cult. This is evident whenever you go into the post office, Safeway, etc. and 90% of people are wearing shirts, hats and jackets saying "Wyoming." Everyone in Wyoming wears only Wyoming clothing and no one in any other state ever wears a "Wyoming" anything.

I went into the grocery store in Cheyenne, and I was the only one there who wasn't wearing something that said "Wyoming."

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