After Hurricane Maria slammed into United States territory Puerto Rico, the local National Guard unit received catastrophic damage to their facilities.

Insert Wyoming hospitality.

Wyoming's Air National Guard facility teamed up with the Puerto Rico ANG to temporarily allow their planes and servicemen and women a spot to work. Volunteers from Puerto Rico arrived in Cheyenne to preform maintenance on their airplanes this fall.

The severity of Hurricane Maria is one of the most devastation natural disasters that has ever happened to Puerto Rico. The aftermath was very heartbreaking, to see that much disaster to the place you call home is sad. Thankfully we're the type of people that get back on our feet no matter what. - Staff Sgt. Ashley Barreto - 156th Airlift Wing, Puerto Rico Air National Guard

Several members of the Puerto Rican National Guard in the video below commented about Wyoming's hospitality, including Alexis Castro...

First of all it was an experience, second of all we needed to get our plane done. I volunteered to come out here, mostly to me, this experience is about a different setting and ambiance. I enjoy it out here, I really do, I like Wyoming. People are extremely nice. - Alexis Castro 156th Airlift Wing, Puerto Rico Air National Guard

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