ANG Open House


It was very cloudy early in the morning and then a huge hail storm came through in late afternoon.  The weather between 10am-3pm was perfect for the ANG Open House, home of the 153rd Airlift Wing.

The event opened up with the United States Air Force Thunderbirds.  As they put on displays in the sky for the spectators for about a hour.  Watching them in the sky is amazing but seeing the process and the crew it takes for these men and women to get in these planes, start them up and get them going was an experience within itself.  The noise the Thunderbirds produce will make you go deaf, so everyone was equipped with ear buds.

After their performance, people started filing in from the college.  There was bounce houses for the kids, plenty of food to chose from, military planes to explore, plus a few demonstrations.

The Leap Frogs, United States Navy Parachute Team, came down from the sky at 1:30pm.  Three different members displayed their skills of parachuting, by using their parachutes to hit the target that was on the ground.  These guys travel the country from April to December performing their stunts for sporting events, air shows and whoever else wants them to drop in.

Not much longer after the Leap Frogs fell from the sky and large amount of water did as well.  The Wyoming Air National Guard C-130 demonstrated how its modular airborne firefighting system worked (MAFFS).  When the C-130 is in action it fly's 150 feet above the ground, traveling around 120 knots.  It usually drops fire retardant, which is dyed red.



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