Business is booming for a couple in Riverton, Wyo. who recently invented the world's first wearable Tesla key ring.

After driving hisTesla Model 3 across Wyoming, Patrick Lawson discovered the vehicle's Bluetooth-connected key doesn't always work in the middle of nowhere. He also read about a woman who implanted a Tesla keycard chip into her arm, so he designed a ring that transmits a signal to the car directly from the driver's finger.

"It’s a key you wear, so if your phone battery died or you lost your wallet, you’d still have it with you," Lawson noted.

Luckily for Patrick, his wife Danette is an artist. She designed the ring, molding a radio frequency identification chip and antenna around several layers of resin. The rings come in four colors: silver, gold, black, or with a 24 karat gold inlay and are available in seven sizes.

The Lawson's introduced their Tesla Key Ring in October and were immediately swamped with customers from all over the world.

"I wasn’t expecting all of these orders all of a sudden, Danette told County 10.



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