Love is a many splendored thing. So are tacos.

Yesterday, we published a statewide poll asking Wyoming residents if it is acceptable to take a date to Taco John's.

Clearly, the overwhelming majority of Wyomingites consider Taco John's a romantic restaurant. At last count, over 80 percent of the voters think there's nothing wrong with a "TJ's Date Night."

What's more, we also heard from two married couples who went to Taco John's on their first date, including Phylicia Peterson.

"My husband bought me a churro on our first date, Freshman year of high school. Five years now and going strong. Moral of the story- Churros build relationships," she commented on Facebook.

Joshua Baylie also took his future wife to TJ's on their first date.

"I would have to say it went damn well. 10 years later and I couldn't be happier," he said.

Do you, or does someone you know, have a Taco John's love story? Tell us all about in the comments section below.

Who knows? Maybe we can convince TJ's to launch a new "date night" marketing campaign.




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