This may be one of my favorite wildlife posts within at least the last few days. We're lucky to live near the wildlife in Wyoming, so there's really never a shortage of great videos of wildlife that will make you smile.

This video is great. I mean, first, it's just a deer that appears to be prancing down the highway. The person that took the video was quick-minded and threw the song, "Cotton Eye Joe" and it almost seems that the deer is bouncing and prancing to the beat of the biggest club song of the 1990s.

Check it out for yourself.



All the credit in the world to the person driving this vehicle to not try and pass or spook the four-legged fella. Their passenger was also a hero to have a phone handy to document this. It's not like you see this every day, I mean, you could see deer or pronghorn every day, sure, but just the way this deer is bouncing and prancing along like they don't have a worry in the world. It's just fun to watch.

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Now, I will go ahead and apologize for the "Cotton Eye Joe" song being in the video, I mean, I didn't make it, but, that song is going to be stuck in your head, especially if you watched the video as many times as I did. For that, I'm truly sorry. But, hey, the video was cute and made you smile, right?

Here's to more bouncing deer in our lives.

From Bison to Triceratops - All of Wyoming's Official Things

Every state in our nation has chosen things that represent the state in one way or another to be official state things. Like a flower, or animal. Wyoming is no different.

The Equality State, or the Cowboy State, depending on which state slogan you want to go with, has a state flower. But did you know we also have a state tree and a state fish? Yes, we even have a state code.

To be an official thing, a member of the state legislature must write and submit a bill to the legislature declaring that a thing will be the official state thing. Then the legislature votes to pass the bill, or not, if it passes, the governor signs the bill into law and we have a new official state thing.

Here is what we have so far, all of Wyoming's official things. Now you can win big on Wyo Trivia Night if that's a thing that exists.

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