While road closures can be frustrating, the Wyoming Department of Transportation is reminding drivers to never "run the gate."

WYDOT spokesman Doug McGee says conditions at the gate may be clear and dry, but somewhere up ahead the road is impassible.

"Through the Wyoming Travel Authorization Program, WYDOT is working to better accommodate local traffic during storm events," McGee said in a video posted on WYDOT's Facebook page.

"As a result, you may see some drivers passing closure gates," he added. "However, you should never travel on a closed road without specific authorization from WYDOT."

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McGee says closed roads often have emergency or maintenance vehicles working in the roadway, posing a danger to drivers.

"If you're not authorized and ignore a closure gate, you risk becoming stranded or hurt and can be fined up to $750," he said. "Your best bet is to wait for the road to reopen."

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