Governor Mark Gordon's office has announced that the governor's challenge has been met, as drivers in Wyoming have purchased at least 2,020 of the new Wyoming Conservation License Plates in 2020.

The conservation license plate purchases have helped to raise more than $300,000 over the past two years, according to Oil City News. That funding will go towards reducing vehicle collisions with wildlife, as well as numerous projects to improve roadways in Wyoming. There are currently 240 roadway improvement projects throughout the state.

Gov. Mark Gordon said in a statement regarding the Wyoming Conservation License Plates:

Thank you to the thousands of people, businesses and organizations who purchased the Wyoming Conservation License Plate and helped fulfill this challenge...We share the roads in Wyoming with our abundant wildlife, and the funds generated from the sales of the plate serves as a basis for projects that can prevent crashes with over 6,000 big game annually.

The challenge to purchase the conservation plates was supported by 44 Wyoming businesses that would offer discounts those who had purchased the specialty plates. The initial purchase of the conservation plates costs $180, with an annual retention fee of $50.

Gordon's office also made mention that Wyoming Game and Fish, along with WYDOT, will be leading the planning and research of Wildlife Crossing initiative projects that are meant to be supported by the funds from the specialty plates.

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