In Washington D.C., gasoline has gone up 50 cents per gallon, while Time reported yesterday gas is up 30 cents a gallon. While on average, national prices are up $.29 per gallon, compared to Wyoming’s rise of 11.2 cents over the past week. You can thank the hurricane Harvey shut down along the south coast for more expensive driving.

The cheapest gas in Cheyenne is at the 620 E Lincolnway & Seymour Ave Gasasamat and at Sam’s on Dell Range for $2.42 for regular gasoline, according to GasBuddy.

Ridley's Family Market 300 Wyoming Blvd SE near E 2nd St has the cheapest gas in Casper, at $2.33.

A Cheyenne to Casper 178 mile run would take me 5.6 gallons and cost $13.78. One week ago, that trip would have cost about 62 cents less. Not too bad, given the scope of the devastation down south. Opening our national reserves helped to soften the blow.

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