I say it every year, as if it is a surprise, but "DAMN IT IS HOT!" I have never been a fan of extremely hot temperatures. I would much rather deal with -30 degrees in January, than 100 degrees in July.  You can always put on another jacket, but there is only so much clothing you can take off before it becomes offensive.

Thrillist recently rated the top states with the most miserable summers. No matter how bad we think we have it here, it is surprising to see that people even live in the states at the top of the list.

The study based it's rankings on average summer temperature and weather conditions, as well as how many opportunities people have to escape the heat. Turns out, that if you like HOT and sticky, than Mississippi is the place to be.

The TOP 3 most miserably hot states are Mississippi, Louisiana and Arizona. (No surprise there, being that they are closer to the equator.)

The BOTTOM 3 states that enjoy halfway pleasant summers are Washington, Minnesota and Rhode Island.

Wyoming falls in somewhat of a "Goldilocks" area of the 50 states. We are not too hot, but also not the most pleasant state to reside in during the 3 months of living in an oven.

Wyoming ranks #32 on the list, right next to Idaho and North Carolina.

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