Summertime fishing in the Cowboy State is good. Not bad, not great, but good.

River flows are good (although the upper Laramie is a bit off). Lakes and reservoirs are doing well for this time of year as well. Boat ramps are all open except for Elk Horn, and you’ll want a boat for the Laramie Plains Lakes where the water is high, leaving you competing for shore fishing.

The best fishing is early and late in the day this time of year. At Granite,Crystal and North Crow, you can always fill the day with hiking and biking and enjoy Curt Gowdy State Park.

High country fishing in the Snowy Range is good, as is the action at North Platte River and Encampment, Glendo, North Platte Gray Reef, where the water dropped a bit over the past week. Glendo has the same story as does North Platte Miracle Mile.

Generally, there are no reports of great fishing, but good is good too.

Even if you get skunked, how can you lose when your in the great wide open in Wyoming?

Good luck, enjoy this inspirational song, that is my personal favorite for getting psyched for fishing.